We strive to help people around Kolkata, West Bengal



This is the core theme of Uddyom’s activities, as we believe that the general improvement of a society can only be achieved through sustained efforts at imparting education to all…more



Uddyom started out by organising health camps in rural and semi-urban areas near Kolkata. These camps were attended by specialist doctors, dental surgeons and fresh medical graduates, all dedicated to the cause…more



It is the vision of Uddyom to generate enough funds to construct retirement homes for the aged. The place will be different from other old age homes as here, Uddyom plans to engage the residents productively in various ways…more



On the tenth year of its existence, Sri Santosh Kumar Datta, father of one of our members, offered Uddyom use of his premises for Uddyom’s activities. We were able to commence operations of our first unit, Uddyom Activity Centre (UAC), in the month of August 2022….more