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Our sincerest thanks to all our patrons and donors for spontaneous contributions. You have felt the need for such actions as much as we did.
About Us

Welcome to Uddyom

A Forum for Social Change

We are teachers, lawyers, engineers, and doctors. We are in business. We are in government. We write books, lyrics, and columns. We make music and we make movies. We live in far corners of the world and travel to corners even farther. Yet we are united by the shared experience of attending the Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya (School) Narendrapur between 1981 and 1987. We are NDP1987.
Our Services

We strive to help people around Kolkata, West Bengal


This is the core theme of Uddyom’s activities, as we believe that the general improvement of a society can only be achieved through sustained efforts at imparting education to all... more


Uddyom started out by organising health camps in rural and semi-urban areas near Kolkata. These camps were attended by specialist doctors, dental surgeons and fresh medical graduates, all dedicated to the cause... more


It is the vision of Uddyom to generate enough funds to construct retirement homes for the aged. The place will be different from other old age homes as here, Uddyom plans to engage the residents productively in various ways... more

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We solicit active & passive help from like-minded individuals & organisations

There are several ways and means to help the needy but nothing works better than making a contribution to an organisation dedicated to helping poor communities. Apart from donation, volunteering, becoming a fundraiser and campaigning for a cause are some other ways to fight the menace of poverty in India.

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Upcoming projects

Uddyom is actively looking for a plot of land within 2 hours of travel time from Kolkata to set up their first unit, tentatively termed Uddyom Kosh. This unit, when completed, will have a health centre catering to the local population, an old age home where the residency would be free of cost and a technical training centre, acting as a finishing school for the local populace.