We strive to help people around Kolkata, West Bengal

This is the core theme of Uddyom’s activities, as we believe that the general improvement of a society can only be achieved through sustained efforts at imparting education to all. The services that Uddyom now extends to the students consist of providing monetary support to deserving students coming from really needy families. Uddyom tries to assess their needs, which include arrangements for boarding and lodging in an unknown city, and take care of them so that they can solely concentrate on their studies.Our current capacity for extending such support is around 2 undergraduate students every year, though we have extended one-time help to others to tide over certain crises in pursuing their chosen educational goals. The Scholarship tab may be used by the potential students or their parents / well-wishers.

Education policy
Uddyom Educare

Direct Involvement of Donors

Uddyom is introducing an option for donors to assume full educational responsibility of one or more student(s) for an academic year. The annual fund needs for each applicant student is not a constant value, as the courses pursued and the colleges in which the students take admission in are varied, to say the least. Hence, Uddyom has decided to invite sponsorship offers from generous persons based on fixed amounts per year. For the Academic Year 2022-23 (current year), this amount will be INR 10,000 only, and multiples of it. This amount will be suitably revalidated / revised every year by Uddyom, and will be published annually on our website & social media outlets. Participating Donors are requested to commit early in the academic year.