About Us

We strive to help people around Kolkata, West Bengal

Who We are?

We are teachers, lawyers, engineers, and doctors. We are in business. We are in government. We write books, lyrics, and columns. We make music and we make movies. We live in far corners of the world and travel to corners even farther. Yet we are united by the shared experience of attending the Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya (School) Narendrapur between 1981 and 1987. We are NDP1987.



Why Choose Us?

We spent the formative years of our lives in the tutelage of Ramakrishna Mission, an organization founded by Swami Vivekananda. There, we attended countless sessions learning about his life and teachings. It was during one of those sessions that we learnt how Vivekananda had renounced the comfort of a plush bed, and stayed awake all night while in New York. When asked about the reason for his sleeplessness, he replied, “I could not sleep up there in all that comfort, thinking of the millions of my countrymen who have no place to lay their heads.” We are no Vivekananda. None of us have that mettle. But in our journeys through life each of us has witnessed human suffering and need in all corners of the world.



Our Mission

Uddyom is our acknowledgment that we have been fortunate to get to where we are in life. Uddyom is our effort to provide others the same opportunities that have been provided to us. Uddyom is our collective conscience. Uddyom is a collection of our skills and the very best of our intents.

  • – To be a responsible social organisation nurturing human values and concern for society
  • – To achieve excellence in project execution
  • – To pursue new ways of delivering opportunities to rural population
  • – To consistently enhance our interaction with the community that we are working with
  • – To practice highest standards of transparency regarding funding and expenditure


Our Vision

Uddyom’s vision encapsulates making a discernible intervention in the fields of healthcare and education. In our small and humble way, we want to make substantive changes in the villages of West Bengal, which just like many other across the country are seriously lacking in good health care facilities, miss sustained efforts at education and are unable to produce employable young citizens