Support 160 families at Rangafala under Kulpi

We strive to help people around Kolkata, West Bengal

In almost a replay of last year, Cyclone Yaas hit the coasts of Odisha and Bengal in the last week of May. Although the brunt of the nature’s fury was chiefly borne by Odisha this time, the devastation in Bengal was mainly due to the huge storm surge that occurred due to the timing of the landfall coinciding with perigee spring tides. Acres of coastal lands went under water chiefly due to the fact that higher water levels were generated, bringing along untold misery for the people inhabiting the low lands. Many people were displaced, some for a fortnight or more, with nothing but relief supplies being their source of sustenance.

As after Amphan last year, Uddyom got in touch with the local administration and learnt about a pocket of about 160 families, left despondent by the cyclone, in the area called Rangafala under Kulpi. Within 4 days, Uddyom arranged for 160 packets of rations for the families, each expected to last them around a fortnight, and delivered them personally to the local Belpukur Panchayet office on 6th June 2021. (**any more details to be added**)On the same day, Uddyomis travelled to Namkhana to inspect a community kitchen being run by local people, and presented them with a cheque for Rs.75,000. It is expected that the amount will help them to run the kitchen for another 5 days.Entreaties are still being received from many affected areas, asking for relief. Impending predictions of more rain and high tidal rises are keeping everybody alarmed. Uddyom may be needed to do more in the immediate future.Keep supporting us.