Amphan Support – Sundarbans

We strive to help people around Kolkata, West Bengal

Uddyom was compelled to turn its attention to the life and health crisis that has been brewing in the Sundarbans since the Amphan supercyclone had hit on that fateful day in May. The local and state authorities have been doing their level best since that day to put the lives of the luckless people back on track. But the scale of destruction has been so immensely huge, any help of any magnitude would be useful – this is what the authortites had to say. Uddyom decided to do its bit. Two Uddyomis made the journey and handed over sanitisers (250.5 litres each) to the local authorities at Canning, Kakdwip, and Diamond Harbour.

We have got partners in this Amphan endeavour as well. Indian Dental Association (IDA) partnered with us for handing over critical support items for the people of Sundarbans. Through this effort, 550 litres of sanitiser, 50 nos. of solar lanterns, 100 packs of baby food were provided. There were other commodities like sanitary pads, medicines, and dental care products that were handed over. The local authorities received these consignments for further distribution to the people at Ramganga, Patharpratima, and Diamond Harbour.