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Bharu Ramkrishnapur – Distribution of dry ration to 170 families :

After Hariharpur the previous Sunday, Uddyom pitched its relief material camp at Bharu Ramkrishnapur. This was the fortnightly follow-up visit to our previous visit of 24 May 2020. Given the innate condition of the people in terms of health exacerbated by the impact of the twin adversities, Uddyom decided to add a whole host of medicines to the mix. 16 types of medicine for various purposes and ORS sachets were handed out this time round. In line with the last Sunday, we could cater to the needs of 170 families who also got some clothes to choose from for their use. Also added were the tarpaulin sheets for those hit hard by the cyclone. Following the same procedure, our members visited the houses, understood the grimness of the post-cyclone situation, and suggested handing out the sheets. The logistics and other arrangements were beautifully managed by the volunteers of Chaaron, as we have been witnessing the past couple of weeks.