We strive to help people around Kolkata, West Bengal

Cooked meals – Moulali & Sealdah, Kolkata :

The impact of Covid-19 is not only limited to the national health situation or the economy. Whatever the media might want us to believe, on the ground, Uddyom can feel the impact has been overwhelming. It has hit people very hard who are the most vulnerable, not just economically or health-wise. Keeping such marginalised people in mind, Uddyom joined hands with Indian Dental Asscoaition (IDA) and Sealdah Traffic Guard of Kolkata Police from early May. IDA and Kolkata Police has planned to provide cooked meals to people who depend on other businesses or shops for their daily meals. Their source of income, and one square meal, had ceased to existdue to the lockdown, almost at the blink of an eyelid. In two phases, Uddyom arranged for and participated in the distribution of those meals, for a total of 14 days. In all humility and heart, we could make more than 4200 people have something to eat. This was topped by milk packets for the children among this populace. No less than 600 children were given milk for additional nutrition in these rough times. Amphan did rattle us somewhat for three days, as we had to substitute cooked meals with dry packaged food like biscuits, bread, bananas, etc. The cooked meal was, however, back again after this hiatus.