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Distribution of grocery and other essentials to 180 families at Hariharpur, near Baruipur, WB :

Following the distribution of dry rations, a little cash and other essentials to about 120 families in Hariharpur, near Baruipur (South 24 Paragans) on 1st May 2020, reports have poured in from local contacts about several other families who were equally desperate to make ends meet during the lockdown induced by Covid-19. Our first tranche of items were calculated to sustain these families for a fortnight; however, to cater to 50 more families from the same locality, we had to raise a greater amount to see us through the next round.

At this stage, unequivocally, Uddyom would like to thank all its patrons for extending unconditional support over the last fortnight. A huge number of golden hearted human beings, belying our conservative expectations, have come forward and made the second round of distribution of rations / other essentials at Hariharpur a reality.  

So, on Sunday, the 17th May 2020, it was with great satisfaction (the invaluable reward that every Uddyomi gathers from these social interventions) that Uddyom undertook the distribution of dry rations / essentials and a little cash to 170 families this time. The items handed out to them were recalibrated according to the feedback received from these families over the last fortnight – the feedback being collected by the next generation of Uddyom members. The entire event was a greatly humbling experience, and strengthened Uddyom’s resolve to continue to do whatsoever was possible to do for the society.  

After the first distribution on 1st May 2020, reports came in of a village called Ramakrishnapur, in the vicinity of the site that we were working upon, which stated that the condition of several families there were equally appalling. Initially, Uddyom was sceptical, considering the finances that were needed to be raised to attend to this village as well. But, emboldened by the help and support that we got over the last fortnight from our patrons, we have now decided to make an effort towards reaching those families in Ramakrishnapur. The logistics and other details, including the date of visit, is still to be finalised, and will be announced here on the website.  

In the meantime, migrant labourers are expected to get back to Bengal anytime now. It can be indubitably said that the brunt of the hardships of this Covid-19 induced lockdown has been borne by them. Uddyom has, in the pipeline, a plan to provide these labourers with a simple but wholesome pre-cooked meal packet, to be handed over to them at Howrah Station on their arrival, through a totally non-contact delivery process. This will cater to about 1500 labourers per train, and Uddyom plans to target several of these trains. Necessary arrangements for obtaining permissions from competent authorities have already been commenced. Keep visiting this site for more information on this.  

The collaboration with Indian Dental Association (IDA) (West Bengal State Branch)  for distributing pre-cooked meals for the street dwellers near Sealdah / Moulali is continuing, solely at the behest of Uddyom. Members visiting the site during such handover of food were so moved by the scenes they witnessed that Uddyom had requested IDA to continue the arrangement till the end of the month, although it was scheduled to end on the 20th May 2020. We are so happy that IDA has graciously agreed to continue to provide the food till the end of May 2020, the cost of which would be borne by Uddyom.  

All these activities were unbudgeted and not planned for. A great many generous hearts have already contributed, wildly beyond our expectations, if we may say so. But we would like the donations to continue to flow, as the situation in the interiors of our country cannot be wished away. More funding will allow us to target a greater part of the unfortunate population, who have sadly been forced into this pitiful state of existence. If we can help them tide over this period of crisis, they can dream of getting back to the life they had before Covid-19, almost unscathed. And that would make our and, we’re sure, our patrons’, satisfaction complete.