Cancellation & Refund Policy

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We, at UDDYOM do not deduct or process any donation on our own. It depends totally on the donor to donate any amount to UDDYOM either by cheque or online. So, there will be no cancellation of transaction.
However in case of an unlikely event of an erroneous deduction during any online transaction, if the donor wants to cancel /rescind the donation, Uddyom will refund the wrongly deducted donation amount within a reasonable period from the date of receiving such request or claim for refund of such donation from the donor in the same mode of original payment. We would, of course, require the following to process any such refund request:
1. An emailed communication for refund from the donor, citing the reason, within 2 days (48 hours) of effecting the transaction. Any request for refund received beyond 2 days (48 hours) of transaction will not be processed, unless it is due to an error on Uddyom’s part.
2. A proof of deduction of the donation amount.
3. In case a physical receipt has already been issued, it has to be deposited back at our office, without which the refund procedure may not be commenced. 4. If the Tax exemption certificate has already been issued, no claim for refund will be processed, unless it is due to an error on Uddyom’s part.
5. For any claim of refund arising out of an error on Uddyom’s part, the amount donated, alongwith any transactional expenses incurred by the donor, will be refunded by Uddyom within a reasonable period.
N.B.: It is clarified that the onus to prove that such amount was deducted due to any technical fault or any fault on the part of UDDYOM, shall be on the person claiming such refund.
For refund requests, please contact us at:
Address: B-80 Survey Park, Kolkata 700075
Telephone: +91 9434154007